In November 1981 I was approached by Eoin Higgins the then regional president of the Saint Vincent de Paul about setting up a committee to raise funds for the building of a deaf centre. This was to be a special project under their auspices of the society.


A promoting committee was established with myself as Chairman with a view to publicise the problem of deafness and raising the funds for the building and maintenance of a deaf centre. We were given a target figure to raise of £150,000.00 before work could start.


When this figure was reached permission was given to start the building process. Fund raising continued and more money was raised.


The centre was opened on the 30th April 1983 and a constitution was written and a management committee set up again with myself as Chairman and Mrs Bridie Kerr as Vice Chairperson and Mrs Johanna Donnelly as treasure/secretary. Two members of the society were appointed as members.